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Tiles for your Kitchen and Bath

With so many tiles and stone to choose from it is overwhelming to walk into a showroom and view the possibilities. Visit our Kitchen and Bath pages to view more of our designs and layouts.

At M & D Stone tile we can create custom tiles. Hoping to add a hint of color in your backsplash to match your cabinets? We can do that. Looking to add accent touches? We can help you be creative and stay within your budget - even with customized accent tiles! We customize tiles.

Trim tiles

Trim tiles can be the ideal way to give that finishing touch — that final detail to your project. Trim is used to make a smooth transition from floor to wall, handle the corners and bring that polish to your room.

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trim tiles
Note the possibilities!

Glass Tile

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For centuries glass mosaics have brought art to architecture. Lustrous color shines through glass wall tiles and mosaics to make a statement on your kitchen or bathroom backsplash or wall. From glass finish to iridescent we carry an abundance of styles and colors, and we customize tiles!

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Pattern Tiles

Pattern tiles are so expressive! Adding your personal style is fun. It doesn't end with the selection of tile, but add in the layout. Diagonal or on a grid. Combine them to add an eye catching wall. Mix in different colors, sizes, finishes and you can add drama to your room - or a beautiful focal point!

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Decorative Tile

Decorative tiles began as a wonderful way to create bathroom vanity borders, kitchen tile borders. They are now offer endless possibilities. Let us show you how to create a mirror or window frames. Do you love rug designs? You can duplicate that on your wall. Love a checkerboard motif? Let your imagination run and we will help you move through the many many choices.

Inserts add a custom touch!

decorative tile

Natural Stone Tile

Handcrafted from select natural pebbles to offer only the finest pebbles we carry an extensive selection from polished, seaside, cut or stacked. Matte finish is truly tumbled by the ocean used in flooring, bathroom, entries, backsplashes, pools patios and more. Micro Pebble Tile uses the smallest size for indoor or outdoor uses from backsplash to pathways! Cut Pebble Tile is ideal for a flat surface. These are cut and tumbled to create a flat tile pebble. Stacked Pebble Tile are sliced in half and look like each stone was hand set. Great for indoor and outdoor showers and backsplashes. Porcelain Pebble Tile are hand fired ceramic pieces arranged. Excellent for pool tile, patios, decks and flooring.
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Color combinations are often the foundation for all we do. From the simple to the complex we can help you create distinctive projects for your kitchen and bathroom tile and stone remodel projects. Serving Southern California from Fullerton, and Anaheim to Riverside and Corona with stone and glass tile.

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